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You’re either an innovator or replaceable.
You’re either predator or prey. The choice is yours.

What do exceptional companies do well that mediocre
companies do poorly or not at all? How do some companies achieve rapid growth while others plateau?

What can business leaders learn from fish?

Taking lessons from ocean life—Small Fish, Big Pond shows business leaders how to outwit, outswim, and outlast competitors by playing to their own strengths. Small companies face tough competition from large established players. Small Fish, Big Pond unpacks the Futureproof Strategic Framework™ which delivers a proven process for entrepreneurs to build an authentic business that attracts top talent, delivers incredible client experiences, and outperforms competitors at every stage of growth.
Small fish survive in the ocean by using their unique strengths and abilities. Unlock an easy to implement business system to futureproof revenue, drive constant growth, and create loyal clients who choose your company again and again. Clarify marketing messages that are muddled, unfocused, or all-encompassing.

The most successful companies . . .

establish their own territories and own the mindshare of their ideal prospects. Instead of trying to be the next “shark”, leaders who embrace their uniqueness change the rules of the game. These leaders create a buying frenzy and unleash massive growth potential. Size becomes irrelevant. The small eat the big!
Small Fish, Big Pond shows entrepreneurs how to profit from their own uniqueness, create a contagious corporate culture, consistently attract ideal clients, and continually drive revenue to new heights. The tools and concepts presented in Small Fish, Big Pond will sharpen a company’s ability to attract ideal prospects, convert them to raving fan clients, and deliver massive value.

Learn How To . . .

  • Never fear competing with big fish again! Break through revenue ceilings to create a sustainable business that delivers massive value for clients you love to work with.
  • Adopt successful business practices from other industries while shaping them to fit your own corporate culture.
  • Train your team to use a proven framework to make smart decisions that sets clients up to win.
  • Throw off corporate folklore to create an accountable, process-driven, and a high achieving team.
  • Revolutionize your marketing message in a weekend to create irresistible offers that convert.

What happens when . . .

last year’s strategies no longer yield the same results?
When growth stalls many companies sink into the depths. Different business strategies are needed at different growth stages; however, the right strategy at the wrong time can be deadly. Bigger isn’t always better. Growth is not a strategy in itself.
Small Fish, Big Pond shows how companies at every stage can create sustainable growth by connecting deeply with their clients, understanding market needs, optimizing their processes, and rallying clients and employees around a strong vision, mission, and purpose.
Written for companies too small to be big, and yet too big to be small, Jeff Mains provides timely, actionable strategies for entrepreneurs to captivate ideal clients, drive new revenue, and deliver so much value the leave competitors spinning in circles.

  • Outwit, outplay, and outswim competitors and leave them spinning in circles trying to keep up!
  • Unlock an easy to implement business model that will futureproof revenue, drive constant growth, and create loyal clients who constantly refer others.Gary O.G. Garibaldi
  • Reignite the spark of innovation for you and your entire team.
  • Get crystal clear on your brand’s message and value proposition.
  • Learn to deliver a focused pitch with clarity that solves a known problem for an ideal prospect.
  • Dominate your chosen market and become the problem solver to ideal prospects swarm to.
  • Identify key weaknesses in each competitor, and pick on them over and over.
  • Find, hire, and retain top talent without breaking the bank – in fact, they will seek you out!
  • Become a company that people emotionally bond with and choose over and over – regardless of price.
  • Create irresistible offers prospects are certain were meant just for them.
  • Think big and act small by providing a personalized and engaging customer experience.
  • Tap into the power of partnership and leverage big sales organizations to rapidly grow revenue.
  • Fill the sea with mines your competitors must avoid during sales presentations.
  • Eliminate hiring challenges by creating a contagious corporate culture that attracts high performers.
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